What does outdoor mobile phone mean?

An outdoor mobile phone is a robust smartphone with a water & dustproof housing.
Our Runbo phones also have a durable and scratch-resistant display.
Other common features can be e-compass, large batteries and a good GPS.

How long does the delivery take?

The everage delivery time is 2-6 working days.

How can I compare outdoor mobile phones?

We recommend to pay attention to the protection class. Water and dustproof mobile phones have the protection class IP67 / 68.
Other features should be a scratch-resistant display (gorilla glass) and a large battery.
Not to forget: Search for a european based company that can offer after sales service, & repair service.

When will new Runbo models be released?

New models will be announced in time on our website, Facebook and in our blog and can be pre-ordered.

Where can I test Runbo phones?

Right now only at our sales partners in Finland and Sweden. Germany has new resellers since 2018 and other countries are on our agenda for 2018/19.

How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

All orders, when in stock, will be processed after we received your payment.
After the dispatch you will receive a confirmation mail.
Orders received before 11:00 am will be shipped the same day.

When does my transfer take place?

All payments are made through our encrypted payment system and will be taken into account immediately. Latest within one working day.

Which is the best outdoor smartphone?

Since not all consumers have the same needs, this question can hardly be answered.
Runbo has won several awards for its models, our F1 has become a test winner in the Smartphone Outdoortest!

Where can I find Runbo spare parts?

Selected spare parts are available in the accessories section. For further parts please send an inquiry.

How do I update my system?

A: Open the settings
B: Scroll to “About the phone”
C: Open “About the phone”
D: Open “System Update”
E: Select “Remote updates” to automatically download and install updates, or “Local updates” to manually install downloaded / copied updates.

Downloaded files can be found under: Phone storage -> “fota”.
Before you update your phone, make sure that it is connected to the internet and the battery is charged to at least 50%.

Can I use my current sim card?

Yes, if you have a Micro or Nano sim card.

What does IP67 / IP68 mean?

IP67 – The mobile phone is to 100% dust and waterproof. The IP67 certification allows for 1m submersion for 30 minutes.
– The mobile phone is dust and waterproof. The phone has been tested at depths more then 1 metre, and found to be unharmed. We do recommend not more then 1,5m depth for more than 45 minutes.
All Runbo phones are IP67, or IP68 standardized.

Why does my GPS not work?

If the GPS works very slowly or not at all, please download “MT GPS EPO Fix” or “GPS Status & Toolbox” from the Playstore. Then reset or update the assistance data.
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