Runbo Q5 – End of production

The Runbo Q5 has been an iconic milestone for radio hybrid devices and for Runbo.

Designed and build as the follower of the X5, the Q5 was distinguished by a greater hardware than the X5, its durable design and hardware has been frequently updated.

After almost 5 years of production and the development of six different versions – we have to announce that our new Runbo E81 will take over. Therefore the production of the Runbo Q5 stopped in July.

Runbo produced during the years over 120.000 pieces of this model – which made it to a successful product.

Devices at resellers or in our warehouse will still be sold until they are out of stock.

For users who are interested in a similar device – we recommend the E81 optional with DMR+UHF or DMR+VHF radio (Walkie Talkie).

Runbo 2012-2019

Runbo Product development 2012-2019