PTT Walkie-Talkie Radio APP

Some models, such as our new Runbo E81 are equipped with a real radio module. This makes it possible to communicate with each other in areas with very poor or no mobile connection.

Some examples are rough buildings, tunnels, or landscapes without network coverage.

Since there are often questions when you use the app for the first time – we decided to create a Runbo DMR User Guide.


Before using the walkie-talkie function, make sure the antenna is properly connected.

  • Open the app named „PTT“ or „Intercom“
  • A dialog box indicates that the antenna must be connected correctly to prevent damage to the transmitter.

You will now see the dashboard of the app. Below we will briefly explain the individual symbols:

⏻ – Number 1 is the power button – this activates the intercom function.

⚙ – Number 2 conceals the advanced settings

HButton three is the power level switch – H for high and L for low

✉ – Number 4 is the message button

Press the power button to activate the PTT hardware. The button turns red now. The hardware is then active.

Now open the advanced settings with a click on the cogwheel.

You are now able to change the following parameters: volume, radio ID, call-type and caller ID of the contacts etc.


Depending on the features of your model you can switch between analog and digital mode.
The corresponding parameters can be adjusted.
Each channel can have its own power level.

If you click on the message button you have the possibility to read/listen to the text or audio messages.

To change the parameters of a single channel, press and hold the channel number. Further information on the parameter settings can be found in our PDF under point 3. “Advanced parameter settings”, figure 7 and 8.

To save the newly set parameters, it is necessary to deactivate the PTT function via the power button and then reactivate it.


Due to repeated demand we provide now under this LINK a detailed PDF guide for download. The documentation from our Chinese hardware provider is currently only available in English.