Runbo outdoor Smartphone

Solid, simple and robust.
Specifically designed for outdoor useage, they do last a lot more than traditional smartphones!

Whether at work or for sports, the Runbo rugged phone is the ideal partner for an active lifestyle.

High-performance power

Large batteries with durable effect are Runbo’s trademark. Our smartphones can be operated up to one week with one battery load. Fully charged batteries have a standby time of  2-3 weeks.


Safety and comfort

Thanks to the ergonomic design and the rubberized surface are Runbo products slip resistant and comfortable to hold. The specially developed rubber padding protects the phone from shocks and impacts.

The next generation

Modern charging technology

The magnetic USB interface avoids annoying abrasion. The cable will simply break free instead of causing damage if someone is tripping on the cable while charging. A further advantage: Fast and uncomplicated data transmission.

Safely underway

Safety has the highest priority. Therefore, our Runbo’s have several integrated emergency functions. Special apps recognize accidents and can automatically make emergency calls. Some of our models offer also a programmable SOS/PTT button.

Simultaneous use of multiple Sim cards

Those who have to carry several mobile devices for work and private use can now renounce this circumstance. Because our outdoor smartphones offer dual, or triple sim.

Follow your Runbo

Runbo rugged phones offer super-precise navigation all over the world. Not all navigation services are always globally available. Therfore we integrated all leading positioning systems such as GPS, A-GPS, Glonass and Beidou.