Counterfeited Runbo’s

Copies of runbo products have been appearing for some time on various online platforms.

The plagiarisms, often offered by merchants from China, look deceptively similar to the original and are difficult to distinguish.
As several test orders have shown, the mobile phone, logos and packaging are copied down to the smallest detail. Even manuals were copied 1:1.
Dealers use for their offers usually the images of original products.

What do I need to know?
Runbo products have to pass strict quality and safety standards, which plagiarisms do not. Anyone searching for copies as a welcome bargain should therefore think about the associated risks.

By acquiring fake runbo products, the only things you save on is the performance and safety of your devices.
Vital protective mechanisms such as overvoltage and charging protection must be produced and tested by certified companies.
The used materials can be of poor quality, or even contain hazardous substances.

People that support fake products support also the risk that consumers will lose their confidence in Runbo and its quality.
Trade of fake products in any form is punishable in the EU and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

How can I protect myself?

  • Cheap offers are often a sure indication of inferior or counterfeit goods.
    • Runbo distributes its products officially through and authorized dealers.
    • Be suspicious of cheap deals from Far East or other Asian countries.
    • In case of doubt please contact our customer service. Send us an email to: info at runbo. fi, or use our support system.Do not be fooled. The product counterfeiters are only interested in fast profit and do not have the necessary skills:
  • No reliable support
    • no problem solving
    • no expert advice and
    • no repair service